Friday, January 1, 2010


Finally the New Year has come. Welcome to 2010. It's kinda weird how to write it...there is ONE in the middle instead of ZERO...

All of my family got up to welcome 2010, including Daniella the baby. We all excited and open the 2010 with a prayer. Thanking God for 2009. Although it was a hard journey, yet He is with us. Guiding us through the year. We are hoping the same thing.

Everybody kinda listing their resolution. I am always trying to make my resolution do-able with a little sense. Some of the goals need courage and hard work. I will try my best to do it.
This is one of my resolution....

I always wanted to write a book. An inspirational book, a devotion book, a real life book that can help people to go through their lives. I figure if I never start at all, when is this going to happen? I finally decide to be brave and commit to 365 days writing my blog as my journal. I really hope I can make it.

Other than that...I will write it as the day goes by. I don't have a long list, only couple bullet point, but it is important for me and hoping no recycling resolution next year....;p

HAPPY NEW YEAR everybody ! WELCOME 2010 !!!!

The days will tough and suffer, but with the Lord, all things are possible. Be strong in your faith and be perseverance.

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Happy New Year 2010 :-D