Saturday, January 16, 2010

A little relaxing weekend

After very tense week, I went out of town with a friend. We stay overnight in a hotel. I felt really good. It was very relaxing. We talked all night, shared stories and our hearts. We end the gate away with shopping at the outlet. We went to Arundel Mills Outlet in Hanover, we had lunch and the best part of it, we were able to control ourselves. It wasn't compulsive shopping, we got what we need with really good bargain. So we were happy about it.

Now I try to make strategies to prevent sickness in the house. LOL ... not fun at all. The easiest step will be wash hands as often as we could. Specially if we just coming back from outside. Suddenly I fell like Monk! ( If you know that TV series called Monk, the OCD's detective). Also the food that she is going to eat. It get me thinking too, since Jeremy and Nicole going to have their birthday soon, I will want them to check their blood.

Well, the bottom line is ... our life is getting back to normal, although we keep in our mind that one day a chaos will happen and we wanted to be on standby mode. This is exactly what the bible tell us, to be alert, because we don't know when God will be coming. I feel like He use this situation to kinda picture it out.

It's 930pm, I wanted to be in bed with my husband and watch a movie. So, I better stop now and will write again tomorrow.

Enjoy your weekend!

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