Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Time is ticking so fast. Is it almost second week of January? ;p When I was a little kid, I used to watch this show called "The end of this world" (I think). This story about a girl that can switch bad thing into a good one. Her most powerful magic is stopping the time using her finger tip. Isn't cool, I always wanted that magic and dream if I can do that...I will stop the time and taking a long nap. Hahahaha....

Today I learn about Help! I helped one of my co-worker today and I notice that she was feeling uncomfortable with the help that I gave it to her. She wasn't sure if she wanted to received my help. I figure, some people does feel weird when they get help. I was that way too. When we moved here 4 years ago, for the first 2 years, it was hard for me to ask for help. I almost can't do it. Until I finally realize, how arrogant I am never asking people for help. I beat myself up by doing things all by myself. I realized when we used to lived back home, we have 2 maids and a driver, so we never need friends for help. The part of being humble to ask for help never appeared in my life. Slow but sure, I am starting to ask people around to watch my kids, asking them to do some other stuff that I can't do. I feel great, plus one of the lady told me that she feel blessed when she help people. She feel grateful that she can help someone, when someone asking for help, she feels like she's been giving an opportunity to help. I didn't understand by then...but I finally got it.

By helping people I always feel great, I feel like I am accomplished something. I used to use a lot of excuses that I am busy with kids and family and I don't have time. I actually could, I just have to manage myself better. With taking care of myself, I can do more things. Eat properly, exercising, get enough sleep. My mom always said that I like to turn the world upside down. I turn morning into night and the other way around. I am a night owl, my creativity comes at night time, along with quietness. ;p

Anyway, my other resolution this year will be exercising and diet. Last year I was successfully cut 45lbs in a year. This year I only need 10 lbs. I am sure I can do it. One of my effort is, I try to walk for 20 mins, at lunch time. I usually walk around The Mall, with all the nice view.

Try to take a small step to help people around you. Sometimes it doesn't take a lot of effort, you could buy something for a friend that need it. For example, you know your friend is sick and she needed a medicine, you can just simply help her to buy it. I am sure it will make her day. ;p

Gooood night !

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