Friday, January 22, 2010

Weekend is coming

For the past couple weeks...I've been thinking a lot about extravagant love. Sometimes I feel like I get it, but sometimes I am just loosing it. It is so hard to do it. Sometimes I get confuse. This evening I was thinking to make a group of women to learn about extravagant love. Hoping that we can encourage each other so we don't keep falling and keep spreading our loves to people surround us. I wish doing it is so easy.

It's not only takes time. But draining all the energy, emotion and time too. I think once it's become your lifestyle, it will be easier, because it is part of you, meaning you are a new person now. Well, it looks like long way to go... but I guess I have to keep have the courage to do it.

I can't be happier than tomorrow is Saturday. We are planning to go to Dutch Market for breakfast. I will be fun. I love going out for breakfast on weekends. It is nice. I guess get up in the morning is part of me now.

I hope you all have a great weekend.
Take good care....

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