Thursday, January 14, 2010


I skip a day of my blog last night. I just couldn't help myself to write yesterday. The whole day was really energy draining. I came to the office at 7am yesterday. Around 9am, the doctor called me and told me Daniella's lab result. It was heartbreaking to me. The fact that her lab test still the same like the first one, really hit me. Suddenly, I just want to run home and do nothing. As the doctor referred a Hematology & Oncology specialist, I tried to call and make an appointment. The doctor is not available until the next 2 weeks. And her doctor told me it is too long to wait, knowing her blood work result is really need immediate attention. So I search all the docs in my county, I hardly can find one. So I called her doctor back and she referred us to Children hospital. I called the hospital and thank God they can give us an appointment this Friday. I just realized that, there are only 2 docs in the county that specialized in Pediatric Hematology and Oncology. Crazy....! But knowing that she can get the appointment soon. It is a big relief.

Daniella had been a pretty challenging baby, since she was born. She wasn't coping with a lot of things well. She also been sick a lot since she was born. Unlike Jeremy or Nicole, they are more tough in fighting the illness. For the past month, the doc have to give her antibiotic for 20 days in a row, because she just keep getting sick and wouldn't heal well. We never suspicious about it. It is all start from her first year old check up. As usual we did blood count and some extra test because she wasn't gained a lot of weight, knowing she eats and sleeps well. The doctor just wanted to rule out some of the suspicious matter. Want to make sure that she is actually normal. But it turn out that her blood work is all over chart. I am personally never see that kind of test result before.

I think after I searched and try to find out about her diseases, I was able to calm myself down a little bit. At least I can put my mind in rest until tomorrow. Although, I am not lying that I am a bit nervous if she get sick. Because she can't have any fever right now, at least not until we find out how to treat her. I can only pray for her. She is the sweetest thing ever. Smart and lovable.

I will update what is going on tomorrow. Hope everything will turn out well.
Thanks for all the prayers and support. I really appreciate it. God bless...

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yg kuat yah...hope you have more answers & good news from the doctor tomorrow. will keep praying for daniela:)