Thursday, January 21, 2010


I spent most of my day reading story about Scott Brown, a new US senate for Massachusetts. It was an amazing race. An unpredictable victory. I read all the comments from all the different media. They uses different kind of term to express themselves from being shock for his victory. One word that I like the most is 'unthinkable'. The dictionary define the unthinkable word as : not capable of being grasp by the mind ; and the second one is being contrary with what is reasonable, desire or probable; being out of question.
Yes his victory is definitely an unthinkable. It changes a lot of things. Not just for the 'seat's for people', but it will changes the whole country. For years Massachusetts can't never be able to have a Republican senate, but Scott Brown made his name carved everywhere. He made it for the first time after about more than one decade.

Somehow I thought we are like that. We easily underestimate what God can do for us. We just want something that predictable. We want something that we can easily guess where things will go. But we never expect something big and different would happen in our lives. Well, this is may be something beyond his mind too. Because looking at his speech and his reaction how excited he will be going to Washington DC. It was unthinkable. He might change US. Let's hope for the best.

Last night as I am thinking about all the politicians that had to admit their adultery, it's very sad. We should started to pray for our leader. Specially a good one. The one that still fight with their conscience. Pray for their family in specific, so that they can keep their faithfulness to their wives.

God bless every leader...!!

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