Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Give Up

It's been 3 days since I post my blog. I know I promise to write everyday. But it looks like I have to be real. Haha....I don't think I have the energy to write everyday. With 3 kids to take care of. It's just too ambitious. Plus my husband been working on a project for the last couple days and using the laptop. My laptop is still under repairment, since it crashed couple months ago. I hope I can get it back soon, so we don't have to fight to use the computer.

Yesterday, I finally finished my book. I feel blessed with that book. "Brave heart" written by Sharon really encourage me to love people extravagantly. In the last chapter she was talking about letting go our hopes and let God working in our lives freely. I know I have a big expectation and hopes towards my husband and kids. Specially my oldest son. I know he is capable in a lot of way, but sometimes I just forgot that he is only (almost) 7 years old, sometimes he is still think like a child. I just have to let God work in him. Building up our relationship. The same thing with my husband. Yes I do have expectation towards him, but I can't push it anymore. If I want him to change, then I am the one that have to do it first. It's not easy, but I believe that God will give me wisdom and strength to do it.

Today I am starting the journey of Love Dare. I can imagine my days would be really hard. I will struggle a lot, but this time I put my hopes in Him. I want Him to restore me in the way He wants. I feel like this year I will have to go through a lot of process. Well, God never promise it will be easy to follow Him, so....I was agreed to take that risk and here I am doing His command.

I hope my friends will support and pray hard for me. ;p Without their guidance and support, it will be hard.

Time to sleep. After listening to President's speech ... ;p

Love is patient ... !


Anak Batak said...

Ciayo Christine!
You can do it! God will guide you to always shine... :)

Hans and Shinta said...

Bu, there's an award for you here

Enjoy! =)

luvsclassics said...

Hi Christine,
Your family and you is most important. Perhaps your title for this post can be changed to " Rethink" your goals instead of "Give Up".
I'm visiting from Lolo's blog.
I created my blog to give me a break from work; it is relaxing to come up with a photo to participate in one of the many photo memes. Sometimes I share a recipe or write about a current event or Holiday.

I, too live in the NorthEast of the USA.