Friday, January 1, 2010

Day 1 of 2010

Knowing that I have goals for 2010 makes me have the energy and excitement to face my days. I feel like I know good things will happen in front of me. Regardless knowing failure will have the role in the process, I feel like I am ready.

Today, we invited some friends for lunch. It was a good one. It became one of my resolutions, trying to invite friends to come over for lunch or dinner, at least once a month. We really need to get to know people and have a relationship with them. I totally remember in 2009, for that whole year, we only invited 2 friends to come over for dinner. Which is really bad. I feel ashamed for it.

So I am starting to put some name in my list ... You could be the one...;p

Have a good start of the year .... !!

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