Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Today I came home early, I was so tired and sleepy, didn't get much sleep last night. I only slept for 4 hours and had a long day. Beside, I missed my girls and my boy. I wanted to spend my time with them. As I preparing dinner, I saw Nicole go back and forward to the kitchen. She make sure she got spoon and fork and drink. As I watch her, I am amazed how she is already grown up to be a little girl. she is not a toddler anymore. She is very independent. She can do almost everything by herself. The most impressive thing for me is she can clean up very well. I always nervous about her. I always asked God if she will be turn out ok and I feel guilty leaving her for work. But God is good. He hears my prayers to my kids. I try not to worry too much.

Lately I feel like my patience is being tested. Specially towards the kids. I get annoyed easily and angry. Although I didn't let the anger stay until the next day. I still try really hard to control myself.

At work I have a very annoying co-worker. I really do not know what is his problem. But he always looking for my mistakes or even every body's mistake. Today I gave up with him. For so long I've been very patience and go whatever he is asking. But today, I am just so tired to actually following his stupid request. I ignoring him and my friend took care of it. I wonder why people are working without using common sense?

I did feel guilty because I was thinking well, God did ask us to forgive people so many times. Why can't I give him a chance and just let this go and be patience. I was convicted with that. But as I walk towards my office, I thought to myself, I am a human being that have emotion and feeling. It is ok for me to feel that way, as long as I am conscious about it. That it why we need God and friends to help us to go through hard time.

I want to try to be patience with my kids. Sometimes I do yell at them. But then I regret it later. It's not easy to be able to control our anger. But as our age adding, we should be more wise to find out how to control ourselves. It is make a lot of different in people's life, sometimes we don't know what we say in our anger towards someone. What we did might hurt someone and we don't realize it.

Remember that God asked us so many time to forgive people, why don't we try....

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Monique said...

So, so true...thank you for reminding us we are human!