Saturday, January 23, 2010

Breakfast at the Dutch Market

Finally, after so many times trying to have breakfast over the weekend, we finally made it. We went to the Dutch Market to have a nice, home made breakfast. The Pancake, toast, home fries and ham were delicious. We really enjoy it.

Today Daniella made me so proud of her. She finally said Please? hahaha..... that is the cutest. We all cheered for her. She was so proud of herself too...she laughed a lot. I figured earlier that when I praise them a lot, they made tremendous progress in a lot of things. Specially for Nicole....I have to keep motivate her to do things. It is funny to see both girls, when they are not sure to do a new thing, they will look to each other and see what happened if they try it. If Daniella not sure if she will like something to eat, she will look at Nicole to see if she is eating it too. That is just too cute. I feel like they trust each other. hahaha.... I enjoy seeing them do that.

Nicole will turn 3 in two months. I still can't believe it. She is growing too fast. We still debating whether we are going to put her in a toddler bed or not. I still can't really trust her yet, although now she is climbing her crib. Sometimes I found out a lot of toys or books a night before at Daniella's crib and it will be at her crib in the morning. So I wonder she actually climbed out and got in to Daniella's crib and went back to hers. Crazy girl!!

Watching them growing make me want to stay at home again and homeschool them. I figure it will be awesome to be able to homeschool the three of them. As from now I am trying to look at different kind of options. Hoping I can just stay at home and teach them. Pray hard for it.

Anyway, I better go to bed and enjoy my TV....

Nighty night...

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