Sunday, January 10, 2010


Ok...I'm not breaking my promise by skipping writing my blog for the past 2 days. I was out of town for the weekend with my husband. It was a great trip. We went down to Lynchburg to meet our friends and also to refresh our mind and relationship.

Living with 3 kids, hectic work schedule, and maintain the house is not easy and very restless. It's like working 24/7 non stop. We feel like we starting to become roommate, a roommate that shared everything. Share kids, bills, house, .... you name it...LOL... Well, it's not funny. ;p

It was kinda weird going places without the kids. This morning when we went to the church...We usually have to get up at least 2 hours before and still have to rush to the church. This morning, it only took us 30 mins to get ready and I feel like for the first time, we entered the church before they start and we actually can prepare ourselves before it start. Super nice....

One thing that I realized, we are very easy to get trap in our busyness world. If you feed them, its just never stop. You just always busy and busy all the time. It's like your core life...BUSY! and you started to have your comfort in that busyness. I know I don't want to take my relationship with my husband for granted. I dream to spend the rest of my life with him and have the adventure of my life with him. SO I will not let my busyness world let go all that dream. We have to started to investing our time, emotion, energy and just about anything to each other. I don't want end up to be a stranger one day.

Coming back from the 2 days trip, we talked about a lot of things ... It feels good. Being refresh in our marriage just make everything much easier, we can plan for our future better --- although God is in control ---, we still need to plan for our family. I have something to look forward. We will become a better spouse to each other and to God. We starting to lay down some serious things, some core value in our marriage that will hold our marriage stronger, make some commitment and stick to it.

So, I am not backing off, just rest for a little bit. I will come back again tomorrow!

Hope you all have a great week.

The best investment in life is when you invest in your marriage and children.


Madster said...

I must agree with the last sentence! :)


Totally agree with you Christine...
I can amagine how both of you dealing with your family each day...

klo gw disini kan enak, ada Mbak ataupun in law yg bisa gw titipin bentar biar gw sm hubby bisa beduaan aja... and yes, it's really refreshing :-D