Monday, January 11, 2010

His Joke

I am so happy today because when I tried one of my old jeans, it fit me! I feel like I wanted to run and scream around my apartment complex. LOL.... It is almost 3 years, all the size 2 jeans being kept in the boxes. I am dying to wear them. Finally the day has come. I should celebrate it !

For those who read my blog, please pray for my big day tomorrow. I think God has a big sense of humor towards me. Daniella had a blood test last week and the result wasn't good at all. To be honest, I never see that kind of result before. Too scary for 13 months old cutie. ;p It looks like God just want to play peek a boo with me. Tomorrow I am going to take her back to the lab and re-do the test. I really hope the second test will improve a lot. Only God knows what is going on with her body. After giving me all this emotion...I hope God will say, I got you! ;p

Tonight is the first night we are going back to our positive routine. Hahaha....yeah...there are bad routines that formed without you realize. We agree to turn off the TV at least for an hour and actually talk and do devotion. It is now our number one priority and not negotiable. It is fun actually that we got to talk and share things that happened all day.

Well, I need to go to bed and get myself ready for tomorrow. Hope God will end His joke. ;p I love you Jesus.... just like my three little angels do love you.

Good nite...

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