Thursday, January 7, 2010


Today we had New Year Party at our office. It was fun and very relaxing. Of course with plenty of yummy food. Some of them are actually cooked in the office. Hahaha.... too wild ;p

Anyway, I found out today my youngest cutie girl actually walk all day. I am so excited for her, she finally can wonder around the house, walking! Yey..... Gosh they are growing too fast !!

This morning when I wake up, I received a group email from my son's class. One of the parent mention about a topic that had been brought up in a radio, pointing specifically to our kids school. She is kinda worry about it. She want to make sure that every kids are able to report any kind of bullying at school. I talked to my son often, if someone bullying him, he must tell us or the teacher. We have to solve the problem if that is happening.

As I look at in the dictionary what the word "bullies" means, here what I got : A person who is habitually cruel or overbearing, especially to smaller or weaker people. I've been thinking all day, that this is actually not just happening at school. It is happening everywhere, without we realize, we as an adult probably have different term of it. If you think about it, don't you sometime feel left out in certain group of people?

In workplace this is easy to find. We easily get caught with the situation of bullying someone without realizing it. Start with gossiping, judging, eliminate them and killing their characters. That is probably the worst. In adult stage we probably will not use psychical to bully someone, but we use words. When was the last time you actually honestly praising your co worker or friends? When was the last time you can remember, you are in the middle of conversation, then someone came, then you stop right away. Or you share your life loudly, but when someone that heard your story commented on your story and you weren't happy about it, because the story meant for someone else. Isn't it categorize as bullying too? because whether you realize it or not, it become a pattern of your character and a habit that happen over and over again.

Becareful with your bullying life. I am trying to think about myself too, hoping I dont have that habit in my life. Let's don't bring Middle School in adult life. As God command us to be kind to each other.

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