Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tired Day

I guess I lost count the day. For some reason I thought my last entry was on Sunday. Which I thought I only skip a day. But I was wrong. I had a really long day. Sunday I was doing errand, ... groceries shopping mostly. I had fun with Nicole. I always try to take her a long with me when I do my shopping. Beside I get to spend time with her, I can actually teach her a lot of things while going out with her. And the last thing I hate to do is ... Cooking. But I was able to manage myself cooking for the whole week menu. I know... it's a lot.

Nicole said a lot of funny thing. That precious talked, I will not forget it. As soon as we get in to the car, she said, Mommy I want to read the music. Made my laughed, I said, Mommy I want to listen to music. Then on the way home, I guess I put the heater to high, her comment was ... Mommy I can smell hot. I was confused at first with what she meant, but then I realized she meant she is hot. That is so cute. I love the stage where they are trying to put words together, sometimes they use it in the wrong situation or wrong meaning. But they are learning. Just like I am still learning English.

The past two days just crazy. I don't have the energy to write. I made a commitment to come home earlier , so I get to spend my time with my husband and kids. I just want to enjoy them. Time is precious, without you realized it will fly away.

Anyway, I have nothing much to talk today. Even if I have, I hardly can survive now, I just took 3 pills of Advil for my back pain. It looks like knock me out now. So I better go to sleep.

Will post more tomorrow. Have a great night.



Tine, koq bisa punya back pain ???

Hans and Shinta said...

Hey darling, you need to rest more often. Don't push yourself too hard. We are praying for you. How is baby Daniella by the way?

Christine Lantang said...

@Honey: Iya Hon, udah lama neck pain gua. Dah 3 minggu ini nggak ilang2. Kayanya karena gua kurang tidur juga. Salah satu disc di dekat leher gua tidak berfungsi dengan baik, jd kalau kecapean suka kaku gt, jadi sakit. Parah deh, kalau udah gt.

@Shinta : Thanks bu, I try my best to rest. Daniella is doing fine now.