Monday, September 29, 2008

Ice Cream Time

Usually I always let myself get busy after picking up Jeremy. You's time for them to have snack, preparing dinner, etc. I feel like between 4-6pm is a critical hours. Specially when you have other activity that evening. It's crazy.

So today I let myself enjoying the them and relax. I let both of them having an ice cream , just because mommy is craving for ice cream. hehehe.... We had a great time. We ate ice cream together in the kitchen, the kids starting to act silly. Specially my little girl, she has ice cream all over her mouth, it's so cute. Then we starting to sing, play the music and they all dancing like crazy. I sat there enjoying them and laugh with them. It was a fun evening. I thought to myself, I should to this more, enjoying them while I can. My chores can wait, but the moment that I have with them is different.

Here's some picture that I took, while they become silly.

It ends with helping mommy unload the dishwasher....!! Yey...!!!


Sherly said...

Seru banget nich ^^ I love the pictures. Ice cream... yummy

david santos said...

Really beautiful!!! Pretty Baby`s!!!
Have a nice day.

Agustam said...

gud.. gud...