Thursday, September 4, 2008


We finally made it this year to the county fairground. Jeremy was looking forward for weeks now, until we decided to go at the last day. I know he will be dissapointed if we didn't go. He has this in his mind..... In fairground we could play some games, eating cotton candy and popcorn, also riding some cool rides like roller coster, etc. He wanted so badly to have cotton candy. Believe it or not...he never has one before. ( I know....I'm a very louzy mom, but that's ok! It's good for him).

We got there and had to walk. Not very thrilled about long walk, but I was really excited about it. I told my husband that we might be able to stay the whole day until it's close. My husband and Jeremy got the unlimited ride wristband. Nicole and I just watch them play. It was a very beautiful day. Jeremy play a basket ball game and he won a prize. If you can see his face, my goodness, he was so proud of himself throwing the balls in the hoops 3 times in the row and they all got in. When the person offer him the prize, he choose a blue dolphin doll, and he loved it. He add it in to his animal's family. He named it Dolfy. Isn't it cute? ;p His face was glowing when he got that prize. It was one of his finest day.

Nicole got to enjoy walking around and got in some rides. She loves the caraousel, it was her first time, but she seems like know what to do with that. She was holding the pole really hard, she is afraid that she would fall down. I am so glad that they are having fun. Mommy is so tired. After 5 hours in the fairground, we finally gave up and wanted to go home. I can't handle the walk any longer. Well, I am carrying extra pounds in my tummy. One mistake that mommy made, I forgot to charge the battery for the camera, so some of the fun just passed like that without being documented. It was so dissapointed.

It was a blast day for our family.

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