Thursday, September 4, 2008

17 Mos Nicole

Time flies, I can't believe that my baby girl will be 18 mos this month. She is a toddler now. Not a baby anymore. She also changed a lot. She understand things more than she does before.

There are couple things that she learn lately. First, she recognized the difference between trash in the kitchen and her diaper pail. Before she will throw all the trash in her diaper pail, but now she knows that only diaper goes to diaper pail, and regular trash goes to trash in the kitchen. For example, when she finished her snack she knows where to put the plastic's cracker. O she also know the difference between the hamper and diaper pail. Usually when I ask her to put her dirty clothes, she will put in her diaper pail, but now she knows where her dirty clothes goes. That is very exciting.
She also learn not to throw her plate, sippy cup,spoon and fork on the floor while eating. She used to do it and drives me crazy. Now, when her plate is empty she will hand it in to me. What a release for me not to clean all the mess anymore. She starting good at using spoon and fork too. Another cute thing is, whenever she is waiting for me to give her snack, she will find a corner in the kitchen and sit on the floor waiting for her bowl of snack. I think that is so cute. Well, sometimes she doesn't wait patiently.
She is a good eater. She will eat anything. If my pantry is open, my goodness, she will help herself with all the snacks. She will come to me and hand me a cereal bar and asked me to open it for her. Any kind of snack that she can get, she will ask me to open it for her. She is also a stealer. She will steal food from anybody. Specially unattended food on the table. She can just grab it. What a girl...!!

Potty train goes well so far, it's been couple weeks I almost never have pup in diaper. the planet by saving diaper. Well, actually saving money from diapers. She loves sitting in the toilet now, cause we always play or read in the toilet. I show her flash card, toys and some books. So she is really enjoy it.

Another progress.... I've been teaching her sign language since she is 6 months. She finally now to do it properly now. At least now I understand when she start to communicate. Specially PLEASE and ALL DONE. Now I make her to give me sign PLEASE when she want something, although sometimes she can be really stubborn and do not want to do it, but I made her do it.

This is been going on a while, in her crib she has this musical kinda thing. When you pushed the blue shell the music will on. She loved it so much. She use it as a clue for me that she already up. If I hear the music from the door, I know she is awake already. When I pick her up from the crib, she will turn it off. That is kinda cute.

This is her favorite sandals. It's disney princess sandals. Almost everyday when we are at home, she will ask me to put it on for her, she will walk around with those sandals, although it's hard to walk, but she just go for it.

My baby is growing now...huhuhu....But I'm going to have another baby. So another baby to play with, meaning another baby to train again. ;p

She is not a big fan of TV, she can not stay in front of the TV for 2 seconds. But she does has her favourite TV Show, it's called Ni Hao Kai-Lan, it's for kids that wanted to learn chinesse. You can find them on Nick Jr. I made both of my kids watch them so they learn chinesse. She also likes Curious George.

Well, there are still a lot of things that needs to be done, one day at a time. I tried to switch her bottle to sippy cup. For a while it works, but then suddenly she wanted the bottle again. Last week I tried to take away all her bottle, but she refused to drink the milk in the morning and before bed. After couple day fasting from the milk, I finally gave up and give her the bottle again. She actually can do it without the bottle, after nap I usually give her sippy cup and she finish it. She just wanted the comfort laying down with bottle. We are going to try again next week.

Enjoy all her picture.


James Tristano: Entering a new life said...

wah hebat deh! gimana ngajarin sign language nya nih? mungkin aku bisa ngajarin james juga so he can communicate better with us:) hehehe.

yhalim said...

seru deh liat nicole mamam nya.. nyam nyam...

Christine Lantang said...

Yul : dia sih anak gue yg plg rakus, apa aja dimakan. Kecuali yg kenyal2 kaya bakso ikan dia rada geli. hahaha....ada2 aja. Tp overall apa aja dimakan sama dia, bawang bombay aja dimakan sama dia. Even kulit jeruk jg dimakan sama dia. Ntah apa rasanya...;p