Saturday, November 15, 2008

He granted my wish !!

Ups, it's been a month I haven't update my blog. Time flies so fast and I didn't realize a lot of things going on within a month. I will try to get back and count backward what is going on in life.

Well, we have a big news to share. After 37 weeks being pregnant, she finally here. Welcome to our family baby Daniella Malia. She was born on November 14th. She weight 6.15lbs and 20,5 inches long. Jeremy and Nicole were so happy to have a new sister. In my surprise, Nicole was so excited. When she saw the baby she pointing at her and said ' baby'. I asked if she wants to hold the baby and she said yes. So we let her to hold the baby. She treat her like a doll. When the baby tried to open her eyes, she laughed so hard. She thought it's hillarious. When we take the baby from her, she cried and still wanted to hold her. When her brother touch the baby, she said it's mine !! She probably think it's a real doll. hahaha...That's so cute.

I am glad that everyone is so love their sister. Seeing them so happy and excited for the new member of the family makes my heart feel gracious and blessed. God has been so good to our family. He gave me really precious family. Though they all different but they love each other as a brother and sister.

I will share about my interesting labor. It was quick and in my surprise. But I thank God that He granted my wishes. Although the pain is unbearable but it is a grace.

A week before, I went in to the hospital because of constant contraction. It was every 5 mins. But back then I only 36 weeks. So they didn't want me to have the baby, because it was too early. They told me to bed rest and wait for another week. By then I already 2 cm dialated. So I went home and take some rest for couple days. Try to make the contraction slow down.
And it worked.

The night before on Thursday, I felt that my back is killing me, and the contraction keep coming back and forth all day. But I thought, well, it's probably still another week to go. I even make plan for the next week to do some stuff, thinking may be the baby will born next week.

That night on Thursday night, after watching CSI I went to bed right away. So it was around 10pm I went to bed, because I am so tired. At 1.30am, I woke up because the contraction was so painful. I can't even flip to the other side. I tried to ignore it and go back to sleep, but I couldn't. The contraction is getting stronger and unbearable. So I finally sat on my bed and count my contraction. After constant 5 mins, and unbearable pain, I decided to take a shower. hahaha.....In the middle of the pain I still urged myself to get a shower. I woke my husband up and tell him we need to get ready to the hospital. He's like....ARE YOU SURE? I'm like....just get up and go. Not until an hour later we finally ready and go. We got in to the hospital at 3.10am. I barely even get out from the elevator, the pain was so strong. They took me right away to the labor room. They checked me right away and it was 5 cm. So they prepare everything, get things ready, which is take forever, .... they tried really hard to get the IV on, but it was too late. The contraction getting stronger and stronger. 35 mins later from 5 cm went to 9 cm. I didn't get a chance to get epidural. I cried and scream and I think I am loosing it. I was so tired and think I will not going to make it. But the nurse really help me to go through that moment, ... put me on oxygen, calm me down, help me with the breathing, and wait until the doctor come. In a minutes from 9cm went to 10cm and I am so ready to have the baby. I am so ready to push, but the doctor still not here yet. I scream and said, get the doctor here now, I can't wait anymore, the baby is about to come out. As soon as I saw the doctor in front of the door I just push without thinking anymore, I thought well, the doctor is here, he will have time to catch her. So I did push, when the doctor came back to the room after changing his clothes, he pull the baby's head right away. In 5 mins, 2 pushes she is out. O my was a wild experience. Within 50 mins, we had the baby. We came in at 3.10 and the baby is out at 4.05am.

Remember I ever debating on whether I should use epidural or not, well, God answer my prayer. He let me went without epidural, yet He made things goes so fast. Not letting me suffered. In His time He knows what is best for me, yet the pain is....unbearable. But after seeing the baby it's all worth it. Praise the Lord.


yhalim said...

wow.. tegang banget pengalamannya tine..

congratz for your new born baby girl, she's so cute.. ^^


Congrats for the baby girl ...
senangnyaa.... God Bless you all..

James Tristano: Entering a new life said...

Congrats Christine! Super woman deh hehe! Gue aja pas baru 1 cm itu dah sakitnya bukan main dah ga tahan. Wah ga kebayang if I were you gimana yah hehe. Boro2 bisa shower dulu hehe.
Anyway, congrats again!:)

betty said...

cantik sekali bayinya...