Saturday, September 20, 2008

Quiet Morning

Today is Saturday, It's only 7.30am. Everyone still sleeping, which is great. Do not expect that in the weekdays. The chaos start at 7am. I got up early today because last night I went to bed at 8pm. hahaha......that is never happened before, but yesterday I had a loooong day and sooo tired. I just can't do anything anymore. So I decided to sleep early and I did it!
Yesterday was a crazy day. Whatever happened yesterday made me realize that I am in another stage on parenting with my 18 mos old little monster. When I said kids are different, THEY ARE different. I can see it clearly now. That little girl is just something. I have to start preparing myself to be in that parenting mode again. I think that's happened with Jeremy when he was about 24 months. But not this early. With this matter punishement I give it to her, she just doesn't care, she just make fun of me. Yesterday, she starting to throw her tantrum when I said no. She will either cry as loud as she can or she will throw herself on the floor. When you let her outside, --- I am 7 months pregnant, --- have to run and chase her, because she doesn't understand S-T-O-P !! I grab her and put her on the floor, and tell her to look at me, and I said... when mommy said STOP it means STOP, do not run anymore and you have to listen mommy. She will nodd her head and when I asked her do you understand she will give her sign language YES !! But when I said it one more time that she need to listen mommy, she will give me a big smile and said Mommy and laugh. Gosh....!!
Another disaster last night,... she put the Wii remote control in the toilet. It drives my husband crazy. Seriously crazy. With all that chaos, we finally put her in the crib earlier just to calm her down. After we caught her playing in the other toilet. She is just too busy. I have enough chasing her around.
It's been a long time since I am trying to discipline 18 mos. I need to refresh my mind to think what should I do. It's easier to discipline Jeremy, since he is old enough to know what is he doing. I need a wisdom to really organize my life right now. With terrible two's and up coming baby, I don't know how it will play out. Sometimes I think I'm in denial and do not want to think about it, but then I realize I can't just let it go. At some point I have to work that out. What a life. ;p
Anyway, I just prayed that God give me a wisdom as a mom. Yesterday, when we have our women's bible study, one of the woman share, how she feels that everyday, she did nothing. I feel the same way too sometimes. My husband go to work everyday, doing something, he has check list of what to be done. But here I am, running here and there and yet the house is still a mess, the kids just keep asking for help, the dinner is hardly finished on time. I feel like I did nothing all day. Yet, the older woman, they encourage us by saying, you did something. You taking care of your kids. They are still young. That is your ministry to them. That is what God is calling you to do. So... I did feel better now. As a mom, I have to do tons of things. Cooking, Laundry, calming the fuzzy child, changing diapers, taking and picking up them to school, cleaning, doing dishes, groceries shopping, etc.... Gosh, I wish there are more than 24 hours a day. That will be great. ;p
Well, enough complaining!! I just have to cheer for myself today. ;p Thanking God for the things that He had given me, a wonderful family, great kids, and His trust for me to be a mommy!
Have a nice weekend !


Madster said...

you can do it tweety! jia you!

Sincerely Anna said...

Hey Christine! Thanks for sharing your blog with me - I enjoyed this post but am feeling for you right now! You are so busy, but the ladies at Bible Study are right - you are accomplishing a lot right now with your kids...your ADORABLE kids. We love them so much!