Sunday, July 6, 2008


Two mornings ago, Jeremy got up and said, Mommy let's get ready and we are going to the groceries store to buy some lemons. I'm like.......what is it for? He said, I wanted to sell lemonade. I asked him, where are you going to sell? He said let's go to the city and sell it over there. My goodness, what another day with crazy idea. He so excited about his idea, he took a shower and had breakfast and keep pushing me to get ready. So, I finally said ok, let's go. After thinking for a little bit...I said, let's sell it in our swimming pool. He agreed with that. I went to the management and ask their permission. They were ok about it.

We went to the groceries store, bought some lemons, (since I work at a restaurant and they sell lemonade, I know how to make a really good one!). We went to Target for lunch and bought some diapers and wipes for Nicole and went home.

As soon as we got home, I made the lemonade and put Nicole down for her nap. After she fall asleep, Jeremy and I went down to the swimming pool to sell the lemonade. Beyond my imagination.....a lot of people like it, and it all sold out. I can see Jeremy's face was glowing and he is so happy. I am so proud of him. Within 10 minutes, everything was gone. He earn $4. We sell the lemonade for .25 per cup. It was a great day for him and I am glad that I can help him do whatever he wanted to do. He is so proud of himself. He asked me if this is called a job. I said yes. He said, can you call dad and tell him I have a job? Hahahaha........that's so cute.

I asked him what he wanted to do with the money, he said he wanted to buy a bible. It makes my heart melt. Thank God that he still can remember what is important.

What a day....!!!


yhalim said...

wow, jeremy pinter banget ya.. umur brp die tine?

Christine Lantang said...

Jeremy 5 thn Yul. Lagi iseng banget, tp ternyata membawa keuntungan. hahaha....