Saturday, June 21, 2008

My little girl

Having two is hard enough. I feel bad if I only talking about the oldest one without remembering another one. My little girl, Nicole, is now 15 months gosh, where is the time goes? She is a great blessing. I just love to see her every morning. She always has this big smile for me. She also a disaster, since she start walking, her favorite place is toilet. If I forgot to close my bathroom's door, guess what, in 5 second you can hear someone playing with the toilet water and you can see toys in there....and she will try to flush them. She also loves dishwasher, as soon as she hears someone open the dishwasher, she will rush to there, and start playing with all the utensils inside of it. Sometimes it is yucky! BUT....she is a big help to. One of Jeremy's chores is unload the dishwasher. She will help him by passing all the spoon, fork and small stuff. She loves doing that. They are already a team in unloading a dishwasher. FUN!! but something Jeremy yelled at her because she over helped! It is so funny to see them both. I always love watching them.

New stuff that she can do now is bringing her own diaper to put in the diaper pail. This morning I took off her diaper, because it's already full. I gave it to her and asked her to put it in the pail. So she took it and put in there. That's so cute. She is always brightten up my days. She is such a sweet baby. She also a really easy baby to take care. She doesn't cry a lot... BUT... she screams. My goodness, at one point I think I will put chili in her mouth so she stops screaming.

I can't wait until she can do new thing. Jeremy always told me that he can't wait until his sister can talk. ;p That will be a big disaster. I'm going to have another non-stop talker in the house.
I just enjoy my time with them.

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