Friday, July 25, 2008

Hand Foot Mouth Disease

Suddenly on Tuesday morning ? Nicole got up with a fever. I have no idea what is going wrong with her. She hardly ever had fever before. Not even fever from immunization. I though, well may be something going on in her body and will go away the next day. So I just ignored it. But then she became so cranky and drive me crazy. All she wanted is just being hold. When I put her down she will cry. That's not her. I gave her tylenol, it didn't work at all. Suddenly, her fever went up so high, about 102.5 F. It scares me. So I called the doctor and ask what should I do to help the fever down. They said I better bring her to the doctor, since the fever kinda high. So I made an appointment whatever time they have. They gave me like in 20 minutes. Thank God it is close.
I went there, she was kinda a little bit happy, I offered her cereal bar, and she took it. For half of the day, all she wanted is breakfast. She ate waffles and muffin and banana a little bit but refused to eat rice. I'm like,.... Ok I don't care as long as she eat something. So I'm glad she finished one cereal bar in the waiting room and drank half of her water from the sippy cup.
After we got called in, the drama start. Nicole is a drama queen. Her drama is always real. When the doctor check her heartbeat, she cried like it is hurt so much. Usually she never cried. Well, while she scream to her lungs, it's a good opportunity for the doctor to see her throat, and he saw some blisters forming in her throat. After some exam, the doctor said, it looks like she has Hand Foot and Mouth Disease. I'm like? What? Never heard of it before. He said it's just like a virus, since this is summer, a lot of things going on in the air. Plus since we are going to the park A LOT, that's probably where she got it from. Well, kalau di indo namanya penyakit jorok! hahahaha.....
I'm glad till today, she doesn't have any breakdown through the skin. But she still have a fever every couple hour. We just try to maintain it with either Motrin or Tylenol. Just alternate those two every 4 hours. I was preparing myself to stay up late, but I'm glad she slept well all night. She just get up super early. I guess cause she is hungry and the medicine start to worn out.
She doesn't need antibiotic. I'm glad she didn't need that. The doctor said her body can fight the virus by itself. Which is good. Her body never been touch by antibiotic yet. Thank goodness.
I have really traumatic situation once, when Jeremy was 2, he had a seizure from high fever, so I have to really watch Nicole when she has fever. They said it runs in to the family. So she might get it too, if I'm not careful. It was so scary. The worst part was, it happened in the airport on our way to US. We were in line to get in to the plane to Singapore, suddenly he had seizure in his stroller. I was so lucky that I was checking on him. When that happened, I wasn't thinking of anything I just picked him up and ran looking for a clinic, I ran like crazy, do not know where to go. We missed our plane, and catch the next one. While transit in Spore, he had to go to ER at 2am. They test him everything, but everything came out well. They said that's probably from the MMR shot he just had 2 days ago, but it shouldn't cause the fever that high. So after being admitted in the hospital for 2 hours, we have to rushed back to the hotel to catch the morning flight to US. It was a nightmare, flying with the sick kid. Trust me, I am really traumatize with that. On the plane while everyone wearing a sweater cause it's so cold, he only wear a sleveless shirt (aka. kaos singlet). Every couple hour, I brought him to the restroom to poor cold water in his body to keep him cool. He will scream...people think I'm abusing my child. I have no choice, I can't have him have another episode again on the plane. But the good thing is, when he is under the medication he slept well. It's kinda nice. Since we didn't get any sleep the whole night, the flight that took forever seems short. All the clothes that I brought all being used and dirty. He throw up again when we were in Japan. My goodness. I have to washed his clothes in the bathroom over there. The fever suddenly dissapered after 2 days we were in US. None of the pediatric knows what was happened to him. It was just a scary experience for me as a mom.
For all of you that have kids, be really carefull with the fever. Make sure you keep maintain the temperature. Bath them if neccesary. Yesterday I let Nicole stayed in the bath tub for 20 mins. When I picked her up, her body was cold. Which is good.

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yhalim said...

kalo panas, biasanya gue lap air anget muka, leher n ketiak, lumayan turun 1 derajat celcius.

emang paling serem kalo panas. takut kejang gitu... jgn sampeeee deh...