Thursday, July 17, 2008


A week ago I went in to my doctor for another sonogram, they wanted to do 2nd trimester screening. I am also so excited cause I'm hoping to see the sex of my baby. My husband came with me, he is so curious what we are having. He can't wait, so he wanted to come with me. The good news is, we are having a GIRL again....yey....that's what we wanted to. So exciting !! After couple minutes of looking around, the doctor you have fibroids? I'm like....what? What's that? Never heard of it before. I said, I don't think so. Then she said, sometimes it could be genetic. Do you know if your mom has it? Again, I have no idea. Finally she said, well you have 2 fibroids, but it's not too big. I don't think I like that. They said it can grow. Until certain size you can do surgery, but right now they want to make sure it's not growing.

Fibroids is not dangerous. It's like a tumor, but benign. It's kinda relief for me to hear that.

I said, I had a lot of cramping lately, my lower back hurts, and on Sunday I had pressure under my belly, it was so hard, I thought I'm in labour. But then she said, that's probably why. Cause you have fibroids. It gives you the pain.

Thank God, that the Fibroids didn't effecting the baby. The fibroids stay in front of the wall of my uterus. They wanted to do sonogram every month just to make sure, it doesn't grow. The baby is growing healthy and all the measurement are just perfect and she is in the good size for 20 weeks.

I just keep praying for the baby. I pray that the fibroids will go away and the baby stay healthy. Sometimes I feel so guilty....I didn't know the first two months I was pregnant, I keep drinking coffee a lot, just to keep me awake. Sometimes it makes me scare. BUT I believe that God is in control, He will taking care what He suppose to do.

Now, I just can't help myself to keep looking for the name. It's so harddddddd!!!

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