Friday, February 6, 2009

The Sound Of The Music...

Gosh, it's been 2 months from the last time I post my blog. Time flies... I never get a chance to update my blog. With 3 little children, it's really eating up my days. But they are growing, just last Monday we were celebrating Jeremy's 6th birthday. I can't believe that my -used to be- baby is 6 now. Nicole will turn 2 next month. Daniella will be 3 months next week. She just born yesterday. Now she is 3 months. Unbelievable.

A lot of things happened in our household since the last time I wrote my blog. I wish I have more time to spend for my blog, I will write tons of the stories about the kids, my struggle with 3 kids, etc. But, one at a time. ;p

Let's start from the kiddos :

Jeremy still love his school, as the matter fact he just got his report card on Tuesday, and all of them were execellent. I was please with all his grades. So I really don't have to worry about school. This coming Wednesday he is going to have a presentation about his research on Dinasour. I will be there and watch him doing his presentation. I can't believe they are doing it in Kindergarten. Good for their lifetime skill. ;p

He just turn 6 couple days ago, he had loooooooong list for his bday present. Until now, he still can't decide what he really want. Since we are not having the party, we let him choose his bday present. Well, there will be a celebration at school on the 3rd week of February, so it will be fun for him to be able to celebrate with his friends.

Right now he is enjoying Daniella,when she is crying he will actually sing for her to calm her down. Sometimes it makes me laugh. I think it is so cute. He said he wanted Daniella stay as a baby. He doesn't want her to grow, he doesn't want more trouble like Nicole does to him. Poor guy !

Nicole still think she is the baby. She likes to steal Daniella's blankie and never want to share one. She has to had her blankie around when she watch her favorite show. She always wants whatever Daniella has....she also not very happy sharing her dad with her little sister. But sometimes she can be nice to her, every morning when we get ready to drop Jeremy to school, when I am trying to get Daniella ready in the car seat, she will hand me her blankie to put on top of her. She knows that. I think it's so cute. She is really has the character being the middle child. It seems like she was born as a middle child. She is developing a lot of words now. She is able to say things in english and indonesia. I love when I ask her to repeat what I said, sometimes she will totally sound it differently. That is the cutest thing. She likes to copy a lot of stuff. So I have to constantly remind Jeremy to do good things so she only follow the good one. Of course her parent too. I am trying to potty train her. She did a great job. She can pup in the toilet now, I hardly have a dirty diaper. Today I am being brave by putting just an underwear and she did great. No wet underwear, she told me when she needs to go. Hopefully by 2, she will be fully train. I'm crossing my finger. ;p

Daniella grow fast for sure. She will be 3 months soon. Where's the time goes? She sleep better now. As the matter fact, she doesn't cry as much as when she was younger when she trying to fall asleep. For one hour cried, now only 5 mins and she will fall asleep. Thank God. I am so used to hear her cry and I think I used to it just like I am listening to the music. Daniella is awake more during the day. I am hoping for a miracle she will sleep through the night soon. She's been doing great for the last couple nights. She slept for 6 hours straight. I really can't complain about it.

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Madster said...

Jeremy is really sweet. You must be a proud mama!