Sunday, February 8, 2009

Adult Night

Finally today our dream come true. We talked about this a lot of times, but hardly ever happened. Our care group finally decided to have adult night, where we can actually have an adult conversation, we can actually finish up our sentences, we can have peaceful dinner and of course without interruption. It was nice having dinner with 4 couples at a friend house, no kids.
The first time I walked into the house, I feel really strange. Strange because, every other week when I stepped in to the house, I can hear the kids screaming, running around, or someone is crying. But tonight, it was so quite, no one running around the house, no screaming, and amazingly I went through 3.5 hours without someone calling me "Mommy". Don't get me wrong, I loved when my kids call me mommy, I feel need it. But having no one call me for 3.5 hours, it was really nice. My ears kinda had a break. ;p The only baby that came tonight was Daniella. I can't leave her yet, so she went a long with us. She was good. She slept and then when she got up she just really quiet and smile to everybody.
We talked and enjoyed our dinner that we ordered. It was Italian food. Yumm ... followed with the dessert ... cheesecake, apple pie and ice cream.
I think we feel a little strange, since we hardly can really talk , now that we have the opportunity we had no idea what to talk about. Funny. For our marriage's sake I think we need to start making date every now and then, so we can still have real communication to each other, instead of just talking things on the surface and all about kids. I can't remember when was the last time we went out together, may be 2 months ago. It's about the time to have another one ... again !

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