Sunday, February 8, 2009

Family Trip to storage

The last two days has been a great day. I hope it will remain that way. The weather was great. It was warm... up to high 50's. Can't wait until Spring.
Today I finally manage myself to get up and went to church. Although that I am end up in the nursery as usual but it was fun, got to talk to some ladies in the nursery. Always fun to talk and share things.
We were planning to go to IKEA after church but then we decided to have lunch at home first and go. I know it will never happen. Once we get home, we will never want to go out again, and I was right. Everybody was taking nap. Daniella did great too. She slept from 2 until 4.30pm. I did too. hahahha....It was great. Never had that quiet nap for so long. After everyone got up we went up to grocery store. I need to get some vegetables and meat for a week. My husband was on the phone when he dropped us. So I had to went inside by myself with 3 kids. It's always makes me nervous entering grocery store with 3 kids. It's like a work out. But this time I manage it well. I got Daniella in baby bjorn, Nicole in the cart and Jeremy can walk. I made him do something for me so he doesn't wondering around and stays with me.
There was one woman, she was pregnant. She saw be carried Daniella and asked me how old is she. She said ' Is she your daughter?' I said yes. Then I went back to my cart where Nicole was waiting for me. Then the woman approached me and asked me again, is she your daughter? Pointing Nicole. I said yes. Then she saw Jeremy, before she ask I said yes. She laughed and shook her head. She may be thought that I am crazy, having 3 little kids going shopping. I just laughed. Nothing I can do really.
I can say the shopping went well, until we got in to cashier, Nicole starting to break down because she wanted to open her biscuit and I am not allowing her to open. I asked her to wait until we got in to car. But luckily it wasn't so bad. She calm down a little bit and I rushed her really quick outside before she really scream. *piuh*
After that we went to the storage. I need to get the girls clothes. Next month already March, and I can't wait for it. It means Spring is coming. I have to get ready for their clothes, I want to make sure that Daniella and Nicole got what they need. So my husband made me down from the car and went in to the storage with 3 kids. There was someone in there and he laughed at us. He said, how fun coming to storage with 3 kids. Yeahhh......!!
My husband joke ... family trip to storage. We can do it every week. It's fun. Hah!!
He will be away for a week. Wish me luck and survive with all of them by myself. Pray that I can still have my sanity. ;p
Have a nice week.

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