Thursday, May 22, 2008

It's hard to decide

It's been second night this week I sleep past midnite. My nausea still bothering me. It's killing me. But what can I do. I have to bear with all of this. Hopefully it will pass soon!
This past week was a very busy week. A lot of decisions to make. Gosh, life is so complicated. Never thought that deciding what is the best education for my son is so hard. For once I thought I'm 100% wanted to homeschool him, I'm still now,'s just when I heard about immersion school, I'm kinda want to try that. It's a huge benefit for him to be able to speak another language. I said to my husband, since it's a lottery he might not get in, why don't we just try and see if he get in or not. In this county, the chinesse immersion program, we only have 2 schools. They only take 25 kids per school. so they are doing the lottery system.
After waiting for a while, I thought...well, he is probably not get in. I was about to fill up the homeschool application, ....until the next day when my husband came home and said....good news, Jeremy got accepted. I'm like......WHAT? that's unbelivable. He got number 24 out of 25. How lucky he is. Well, may be he is not lucky, it's just the way God has plan for him. I'm still struggle making decision. Finally today I called the school to re-enroll him and have the orientation on Friday. I can't believe I will be missing my boy for almost all day. It's hard to let him go.
I said to him, are you sure you wanted go to reguler school? He let's try it first, if I don't like it then we do homeschool. He always has this positive thinking and encouraging word to say. I said, well I'm gonna missed you. He said, you still have Nicole and soon the baby. Hahahaha....Yeah, I still have two at home. Still a lot of work to do. But having him at home is another joyous moment for me. It's still different without him.
Anyway, I hope we are making the right decision by putting him at that school. He just too smart to do kindergarten, another reason why I wanted to homeschool him, he is way too advanced for kindergarten. I'm worry he will get bored in the class coz he has to start learning everything all over again.
I believe that God is the one in control and He knows what's the best for my son. I just have to follow my heart and trust Him. It's not easy being parents yet it's an honor being parents.

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