Saturday, May 24, 2008

Finally we get out!

Today the sky looks so beautiful. All I can see is blue with the white clouds spreading perfectly. It looks like someone actually draw that. It was a perfect day for a vacation. We finally decided to go to Philadelphia for couple days. The kids are having so much fun. Jeremy is very excited knowing that we are staying in the hotel. He said he wanted to stay for 100 days. ( I wish someone want to pay for that!) Thanks to Stanny that help us a lot to get a stay in Marriot.

We didn't do much today. We went to satisfied our craving for Indo food. Trust me, people will think we are crazy family. We ordered the food in panic mode! You name it.... Kangkung terasi, ikan goreng gurame (ala US), nasi cap cai, tahu telor, ayam panggang kalasan kecap.'s only the two of us that actually eat all the food. It was SO worth it...! Suddenly my nausea is gone. Haha..... We also visited some of Indonesian store that we couldn't find one in Maryland. Guess what we bought? Yes, a box of Indomie, a box of teh Sosro, srikaya.... I think again...I'm in my panic mode. Barang langka soalnya! hahaha......misses home so much.

This is the most relaxing day after all. We strolled to the Philly's down town just to enjoy the crowd. We stopped by at Rita's Ice cream. What a beautiful day. I don't have to think about what to eat today, no worries about cleaning, don't have to rush to work. Be able to get out from the routine is so nice. I hope we can do this again!!!

After we came back from all the places, we went down to the swimming pool. The 4 of us just enjoying the water in the hot day. It was so fun! I'm so glad all my kids are finally fall asleep and looking forward for what to do tomorrow. Hope we have a great day tomorrow!


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