Friday, May 30, 2008

Fun Day in Philly

This is the second day of our stay in Philadelphia. We start our day by visiting Please Touch Museum. I really recommend this place for family that have young kids. This place is awesome. They can pretend whatever they want to be. Bus driver, construction worker, playing in Alice wonderland world, etc. They also have an area for babies, called barnyard babies. The babies can pretand plant some vegetables, also, there are a lot of animal's sounds. In Indonesia we have this place called Kidzania. Kidzania is more real and cool. But still, the kids will having so much fun in Please Touch. Jeremy and Nicole had a blast. Jeremy wanted to go back again so badly.
After that we went to National Constitution Center and The Bell. It was so great to learn about American History. The way they did the presentation was fantastic. I was so impressed! I wondering when our country actually realize how important it is to preserve their history and share it to the younger generation. On the second level they have the whole area where they tells us about their constitution article by article. Very informative.
It was a long day for us, well, specially for me. We walked around the downtown the whole afternoon. So tired, but worth it. The kids just enjoying the time we were together. Which is really great.
Dinner time is coming...guess where we go...? Yes, Indonesian food again....we went back to Indonesian restaurant. We order a lot of food again. That day they served pempek ( my have no idea how happy I was!). I ordered Es Campur....yyyuuummmmyyyy......and again we ate gurame bakar, mie goreng jawa, kangkung terasi, and sate ayam. We definately satisfied....!
Time to go back to hotel and get some rest. It was a blast day. That day we were able to be together the whole time was priceless. We enjoyed it so much. We hope that we could do that again. Hopefully soon!!

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