Saturday, August 9, 2008


It's been two weeks that I haven't wrote anything. It's been a SUPER busy week for me. Within 2 weeks I have tons of story to tell.
After Nicole get better from her sickness... finally she can eat, play and walk around the house again... It's Jeremy's turn. My goodness....both are my kids hardly ever get sick. Around the year I can actually count how many times they get sick.
Anyway, he had VBS (Vacation Bible School ) that week. It was starting from Sunday evening through Thursday. That last day, I got a called from the teacher. It was 6.45pm, which is only 15 minutes after my husband dropped him off. I didn't get his message until 8.10pm. I was at work at that time. I tried to call my husband and wanted to know if he got him. He didn't picked him up until 8.15pm. Poor little guy.
After they got home, my husband told me that he throw up. I thought he probably ate too much watermelon before had dinner. So there was gas in his stomach. I just take it easy. The next day, he slept all day long. He threw up 5 times for the whole day. He can't even take a bite of bread. He was really miserable. He kept telling me it is hurt him so much. After a while I think its probably just a virus or Gastroenteritis. They said it can last for about 5-7 days. So I decided just to wait for the next couple days. See how he is doing.
Well, finally on Monday I took him to the doctor because there is no sign he will get better. I'm kinda confuse because his symptoms just confusing. He doesn't have fever, not throwing anymore, but he is still in pain. So I took him to the doctor. The doctor decided to run some test. Sonogram, X-ray, Upper GI, blood, urine and stool test. Just to make sure it's just a virus.
We had a long day with all the test. It took 2 hours for all the test. He had to fast, so we have to did it early in the morning. So all of us left the house at 7am. Trust me it's not fun when Nicole have to come a long. Thank God that Jeremy was cooperate and did everything by himself.
Since, I am pregnant and had Nicole with me, I wasn't been able to participate in the X-ray room.
After all done. We had lunch together with my husband. Since the lab and my husband's office kinda close. We went to the mall for lunch. I did that on purpose too cause I have to wait Jeremy to pup. I don't want to come back and forward just to drop the sample. After lunch he finally did his business. My husband dropped the sample to the lab.
On the way back, suddenly my car died on the road. My goodness......what is wrong with my day. I think I had enough. Nicole was so tired. She is been up since 6.30am and it was 1.15pm. She missed her morning nap and was so tired. I have automatic car, so when the machine died, it switch in to manual. It was scary if I have to push it to the highway. So I tried to park in the parking lot. It won't start again. I called my husband and he had to take half day off. I waited for 45 mins. We called the tow car and didn't come until 2 hours later. I am super tired. That night everyone went to bed at 8pm. I called out from work, I won't be able to make it.
What a dayyyyy.....!!!!

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