Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Result

Well....after that crazy day... the result starts to coming in. The X-Ray's result came in first. They said nothing serious, it looks like he had constipation problem. I'm like...that's impossible. He goes to bathroom every single day and its a soft stool. He never having hard time pup. The doctor said it looks like he has small stomach ache and still have a lot left over that never get out. So they gave him Miralac, to empty his stomach. I thought that was it.
The next day, on Thursday morning a phone call woke me up. I had to woke up cause I know it must be the doctor calling. They always call early in the morning. So I forced myself to get up and pick up the phone.
The doctor said..." we got the blood test result back! we found something interesting. His blood sugar is really high. He can get in to diabetes category for being that high". It was like lighting struck in my head. How that possible happened? The doctor asked if he fast before they took the blood, I said no, he's been fasting long enough and couldn't wait anymore. So I fed him poptart before they draw his blood. So that day the doctor asked me to come early so they can draw another blood with fasting. So that morning we rushed to the doctor's office. Thank so much for my friend Janneth that came over with her twins to picked me up, cause I don't have my car that day.
The test didn't take that long, but the result was so disappointing. His blood sugar still high. Although it is so much better. From 160 to 102. Still over 100. So the doctor called some of the specialist to discussed what to do next. So he has to go through diabetic screening next week. Besides that, he need to see GI specialist, to find out what cause the stomachache.
I'm so nervous and going crazy. Imagine 5 years old kid have diabetes. It will be miserable for both the kid and the parents. Even right now, they said it's pre-diabetic condition, but I have to maintain the blood sugar level. It gave me headache to think about what to feed him. Every time he asked, can I eat this, can I eat that? I have to check all the nutrition label, make sure the sugar and the calories not too high. What happen when the school start?
Please pray that it's just a temporary thing and nothing serious. I never imagine if my child is having diabetes. He ate healthy food. He doesn't even like sweet. He can't even finish a lolly pop. How that happened? Only God know what is the purpose of that. We as the parents can only pray and pleaded for healing.


Sunshine said...

We'll be praying for Jeremy! Try not to worry, which I know IS HARD!

Give him a hug for us, poor guy!

Is his stomach feeling better?

Christine Lantang said...

Hi girl, He is a little better now. He had the diabetes screening and the result was negative. Thank God! But they still kinda suspicious with the result. So they are going to do another test again. Hopefully he is doing ok! Thanks for the prayer.