Sunday, August 10, 2008


After couple weeks of staying home, we finally decided to go to the park today. The weather was so nice. Considering it's summer, it was a really cool and breeze. The kids having fun in the park. Nicole starting to enjoy her time in the park. She walk more stable so she is able to walk around and do whatever she wanted to do. It was fun for us as a family to watch the kids play and also play with them. Time goes so fast, they are growing so fast.

Nicole trying to walk on the brigde that can move. She was a little scare. Jeremy was helping her , he make sure she doesn't fall down. They really had a great time in the park. We used to go to the park a lot during summer time, just to worn them out and get really tired. So there is none energy left at home. But guess what? They just have tons of energy that I have no idea where that come from. I wish I could have just 30% of it.

It's time to go.... summer is over soon. We still have 2 weeks to relax and have fun. After that Jeremy has to go to school. I'm glad they are having so much fun. Kids just love play outside. It seems like never enough for them to play in the playground.


Sunshine said...

I cannot believe how big they are! I can hardly wait to show the girls the pics! They were just talking about Jeremy the other day! :)

Sunshine said...

P.S. You look so cute w/the belly!

Christine Lantang said...

Hi, Yes, can you believe they getting so big now? Gosh time flies. It looks like you all had a great summer. ;p Miss you all.