Saturday, June 21, 2008


About couple months ago, Jeremy starting to learn how to use a phone. He tried to remember my cellphone and his dad's cellphone number. Since then, he always call one of us whenever we are out. Sometimes I only get out for 2 second, by the time I get down and start my car, I already get a call from him. After know how to use a phone, he started to know about leaving message. Before that, he keep asking if he leave a message mom and dad can actually listen to it. I said yes. So now every single night, when I'm at work I always got a voicemail in my cellphone from him. Either he is reporting what is going on in the house or he will tell me that he loves me. He will ask "mommy when are you coming home? When you come home can you give me a big kiss and hug?" or " Can I sleep in your bedroom tonight? if not can you sleep in my bedroom?" or " I missed you" or " I'm sorry that I made you sad this morning". Those are really sweet message. I always smile or something almost cry when I listen to it. It boost my energy when I listen to his messages. It's such a great blessing....!

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