Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Writing this story isn't easy at all. I double dare myself to bring this story up, not because I want to selfpity myself, but I believe that God has purposed for this. The reason I share this will be because I want to show HIS faithfulness and protection in my life.

About a month ago, I was looking for a job. We thought it would be nice to have extra money, specially after my husband get laid off couple months ago makes us realized nothing are really secured in this recesion year. So we decided to have an alternative.

It wasn't easy at all for me to find a job. I wasn't apply just for any job, but I am looking for a job that have convinience, close to home, flexible schedule and possibilty work from home. Again after 4 years being a stay home mom, it is hard for me to think about leaving my kids. Specially Daniella, she is still a baby.

Anyway, after searching and searching, one day I found an interesting one. It was too good to be true. Yet, I tried. I applied. It was a personal assistant position. It says that I can work from home and help him to do some errands and any list of jobs that he wants the applicant to do. I thought it was the perfect one. I can earn money and stay at home with the kids. A week later, I got a response, he thinks that my background is perfect with what he is looking for. He wanted to give it a try. And this is where the disaster begin....
The first two weeks, he emailed me couple stuff to do, he said I will receive checks and he wanted me to cash it and send it to an orphanage. The first time everything seems ok. I was able to cashed it. Several weeks later, he said I am going to receive another one. For some reason, that day after I received the package, I decided to go to the bank that I usually go. I know the teller and she always be a friend to me. She always help me in anyway I needed. So I came to her and told her I wanted to cash the checks. She tried to processed it, it didnt go through. I gave her all of it for her to try. Still didn't work. She asked me if I want to just deposit it and withdrawn the money after I deposit the check. BUT she told me how thing works. I decided not to do anything with it. When that happened, my heart starting to race. I knew for sure I am losing my money from the previous one. I was so angry and hoping this is just a mistake. I email the man and he YM me back, he said that he read my email and didn't understand what I was talking about. So I started to ask questions, like where he got the checks. I probably dumb as I could be. Again, I was hoping this is just a mistake. He just told me it was from a client. No further explaination. I am trying so hard not to type cursing word to him.
That Night I reported the incident to an organization that works along with FBI. Along with that, I was praying hard and think hard whether I should report to the local police or not and thinking who can I trust. That night I realized I was being scammed. I did a lot of research and sadly it is very common. I don't know why I did not know that. I feel that I was blind until this far. I have no idea about scamming and counterfeit checks or money order. No clue. I didnt even know how it works. I couldn't sleep at all that night. All my feelings are mixed together. Since I had a long night ahead of me, I posted all the stuff that I wanted to sell online. Thing that I've been wanting to do, but I never get a chance and I finally did it that night.
The next day, I received an email from a prospective buyer. From her email, it looked like she works for the government. So I called her back. She didn't pick up her phone, so I left her a message. That afternoon, she stopped by to pick up the stuff that she wanted. We chat for a little bit and I asked her what is she doing. She told me she is a police officer. It blown me up... I said, you are here for a reason. I told her my story and the funny thing is, she is working on investigation cyber crime. She wrote down all the information I have and promised me to check it up for me and will write a police report for me. What a day! I couldn't believe that happened the next day when I need it. God really lay His hands upon me.
Despite of all my feelings...dumb, stupid, betrayed, angry, not confidence, you name it! I just want him to know that he is not smarter than I am. I am smart enough to choose the right way of earning money, smart enough not to use people's hard work to fullfil my needs, a selfish one, smart enough to choose a better life not to live in fear, and not to live on top of people's suffered. Scamming people is the most ridicuolus job. No matter what the reason is. We are the victim is in the same position in needing money to survive, yet we pay for something that we do not own. Above all I am smart enough to know that I have my God that protected me along the way to passed this experience. God had allowed me to go through this for a reason. Although it is a very expensive one.
After this incident happened, I feel that God bless our family more. He provide everything we need. Seriously, everything... I know He has planned something big in front of us. We just have to wait and perseverance. I also wanted to thank my sister - Monique-, without her, I will never be recover again. Thank you so much for picking up every pieces of me when I am having the hardest time in my life. Your prayer and encouragement are great power for me to be alive again. Thank you for always cheers me up and make sure I am doing ok. As you said sis, revenge is belong to God. As it is written in Romans 12:19 ; "Do not take revenge, my friends, but leave room for God's wrath, for it is written: "It is mine to avenge; I will repay,"says the Lord". I only can sit still and wait for God to do His part. In His time, it will end up worth it to go through all this. I just need to sharpen my discernment next time. Thank God for His protection not to fall twice and I could end up in bigger trouble.
For I know the plans I have for you,"declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and future". Jeremiah 29:11



Christine, thats probably the hardest moment in your life but yes, God is good!
Melebihi apa yg pernah kita bayangkan :)
He's our Provider, swami gue usahanya juga lagi ga bagus and he's brother suggest him to get loan from banks but i said, we dont need it, just pray and God will do the rest :)

Unknown said...

If God is with us..who can be against us?? No one!! Praise the Lord for His goodness!

Hans and Shinta said...

If God is with us..who can be against us?? No one!! Praise the Lord for His goodness!

SuwitoFamily said...

HE indeed has plans for us
dan rencana-Nya buat kita selalu yg terbaik dan terindah
hang in there, ok!!

Monique said...

Oh, my sweetest Sis! Life can be so unfair and yet, the smallest of miracles make it better. You are such a strong, wonderful person, I am blessed to have you in my life! Thank YOU for letting me be a part of your family!! Don't forget you are loved, not just by one, but, by many!! Love, Mo

James Tristano: Entering a new life said...

Wow, Christine. Didnt know that you experienced this! You're tough and your story is inspire me to be strong too:)