Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wonderful Day

As I reached the top of the street from the metro station, I can feel the nice breeze after couple days of hot and humid day. It is a beautiful morning. For some reason I have a great feeling inside me. Feeling optimistic facing my day and thank God for another new day for us. When I got in to my office, hardly people in there and it's nice. I decided to write and catch up with my journal that I had been abandon for a while.

Every day is special to me. It is always something happened in my days. Never passed it without a meaning in life. I feel that God teaching me everyday on the train while I sit and read and say my prayers. Train is my classroom, it is my devotion time. Time alone just me and God, ignoring people around me.

The past two days I was sick and didn't go to work. The girls and I had a terrible cold. Although I am sick, I valued every moment that I have with my kids. Even just for two whole days. It was precious. We had a great time. When I'm home, no TV all day. We did fun things together.

Lately the kids get in to fight a lot. I started to think that this is not a good sign having kids that keep fighting. So I said to them, let's make the rules in the house. I took a big poster card and let Jeremy and Nicole draw on the cardboard. They need to share. Hahaha....a little after 2 minutes, the fight starts. Gosh.... they yelled at each other... it turned out that Nicole took his part and draw on his part. So I talked to them. It is hard to make 2 years old understand thing. ;p But I think I have to. I said to both of them that they are brother and sister. They need to love each other and help each other. One day they will need each other. I want them to get close to each other. After they calm down, we start to write on that poster board. Start from number 1 ... I draw a big heart and say love .... ( Nicole said : caca! ) we laughed.... so I wrote love Caca, Jeremy and Daniella... I wanted to teach them to love each other. Love your siblings.
And it goes until number 11. Including : Do not fight, do not yelled at each other, clean up the mess, obey mommy and papi, help each other, say nice thing to each other, share things except it is a special thing, no lego on the floor, etc.

Here is how we play it : I made the big poster board to lay down the rules, then I made 8 vouchers, and have tokens. Every child that break the rule will get a token. At the end of the week we count the token, who gets the less token will receive a voucher. In a month, if they are able to have 4 vouchers, they will get a reward. They can buy anything they want for things that less than $5. Of course the big brother is very excited and Nicole had no clue. But she will learn. She has to learn to obey and listen and do positive things. I am glad that now they are thinking before they do or say things.

After that we took a wagon ride. It was fun. I borrowed a wagon from a friend. We are heading to the beach next week and wanted to bring that wagon. The kids loved the wagon ride. Mommy had to work hard to pull the 3 of them. I had a wonderful day. What a precious moment.

I miss my previlage to be able to stay at home. Hope this won't last long and I will be able to stay at home again, or at least work from home.

Have a wonderful day everyone.

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Christine, glad that you and the girls are fine now... :-)
beberapa hari lalu memang mau chat sama kamu tapi koq kayaknya timing-nya ga pas... eh, ga tau nya kena flu...